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Coffee and a view: the best way to start your morning in the Taupō region

Wherever you are in the Taupō region, there’s always a friendly face, a warm cuppa, and epic views not far away.

That Z ad got it right “we are a nation of coffee drinkers”.

Coffee is an essential part of our morning routine during our workweek. But for something so vital, we sip it on the go, gulp it in the car and vortex it at our desks. 

But on the weekends, better yet on holiday, our coffee ritual transforms into something sacred. It’s a signal to slow down and actually enjoy your morning. The promise of roasty, caramelly brew in your hand is a fantastic excuse to get out and see the best of your getaway destination.

Many people search for "best coffee taupo". We believe the ultimate is great coffee with an incredible view!

That is especially true in the Taupō region. There’s no better complement to lakefront outlooks, riverside views, and morning vistas than a warm (or iced) cup of coffee.

The Steaming Bean - Taupō town

The Taupō lakefront is a quintessential part of this “most beautiful large town’s” charm. In the summer, everyone flocks to enjoy its refreshing water. In the fall and winter, bikers, dog-walkers and visitors walk along to soak up Tongariro National Park’s snowy peaks.

One fixture along the lakefront is a constant during the seasons: The Steaming Bean. In the summer (or winter if you’re an all-year-round iced coffee) a specialty is their blended sweet, iced coffee!

The view from the coffee cart this morning - gorgeous! Photo Credit: The Steaming Bean Taupo

The view: With its renovated retro trailer and comfy wooden tables, The Steaming Bean offers classic coffee and picturesque views from the Taupō lakefront.

Espresso Cove - Taupō town

Travel the 10kms of the Great Lake Pathway just before Hot Water Beach (a geothermal area in Lake Taupō). On a crisp morning, you will be mesmerized by the geothermal steam rising from the lake’s blue waters.

And if you’re a little or a lot peckish, Espresso Cove has a full brunch menu and delicious cabinet food. Their large deck area is the place to be with a strong long black in hand during beautiful morning weather.

The View: The steamy Hot Water Beach is tempting to dip your toes in just inches away! You’ll enjoy more views of Lake Taupō from the comfort of their outdoor patio.

Stir Café - Taupō town

With over 600km of lake, exploring Lake Taupō via boat is a must! Whether you’re on a fishing boat charter, a funky doughboat or a scenic cruise to the Ngātoroirangi Mine Bay Māori Rock Carving, there are heaps of ways to enjoy the lake.

Before your trip, you’ll need a pick-me-up from Stir Café. This converted caravan and the covered outdoor seating is a hotspot for visitors and local skippers alike! Their coffee is a favourite along with their fresh crepes and panani!

For young kids and those young at heart, there is nothing more thrilling than watching the boats sail in and out of the harbor.

The view: On those slow mornings, get your takeaway latte and wander down to the beach by the Yacht Club. With plenty of picnic tables, watch the Taupō Floatplane and resident ducks take off with the impressive Tongariro National Park in the background.

Two Mile Bay Sailing Club - Taupō town

Known as an evening go-to for cold brews and wood-fired pizzas, Two Mile Bay Sailing Club caters to “morning people,” too! Along the Great Lake Pathway, this lakefront club sits on top of Lake Taupō. Unwind by the brasserie inside or grab a lakefront table. With their renovated outdoor patio, there isn’t a bad spot in the house.

Start your morning with a great coffee and one of their delicious bagel sandwiches like the classic Epic Salmon bagel or the more adventurous Bagel Burger.

The view: For beautiful sunrise views of Lake Taupō and the Acacia Bay hills, have a relaxing morning at Two Mile Bay Sailing Club. 

Delta Coffee - Tūrangi

Due to its proximity to the famous trout-filled Tongariro River, Delta Coffee is a prime spot for anglers and their morning cuppa before they hit the river. But you don’t have to be a fisherman to stop at this coffee cart! Delta Coffee also has delicious hot chocolate for those who aren't caffeine fanatics!

Delta Coffee sits just across the road from the Tongariro River Trail, a lovely (family-friendly & dog-friendly trail) by the Tongariro River. The trails show off Tūrangi’s best. Spot both fishermen in their favourite pools and splashing trout wading in its clear waters.

For a quick 1-hour walk, cross the Major Jones’ Bridge. Or complete the scenic 3-hour loop at the Red Hut Bridge and pass the Tongariro National Trout Centre.

The view: You don’t have to go far to see the beauty of the Tongariro River by the bridge!

Lil Something Café - Spa Thermal Park, Taupō town 

This next coffee spot’s location might surprise you.

Spa Thermal Park is a beautiful reserve home to Taupō Bike Park, the Taupō Disc Golf Course (one of the best in New Zealand), and the natural Otumeheke Stream. It’s a haven for anyone looking to enjoy all its amenities, including a giant children’s playground, flying fox, bike track and walking trails.

But venture further down to the natural hot springs at Otumeheke Stream. You’ll find a lil’ café embedded in the beautiful scenery. Lil Something Café is the spot to sip on your coffee (or smoothie), have some friendly banter and soak in the peaceful Waikato River.


The view: The view from Otumeheke Stream while soaking in hot water would be enough to stay there all day! The river’s beautiful colors combined with the calming hot water are mesmerizing.

But if you’re up for more incredible views and a bit of adventure with your coffee, continue to the Huka Trails for a 1.5-hour walk to the iconic Huka Falls.

Be sure to tag us @lovetauponz #lovetaupō and share your coffee and view with us! 

Coffee with a view

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