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Holding your event

Taupō District Council events team

The events team is there to provide advice, guidance, operational assistance and marketing, to help make sure that your event runs smoothly, safely and successfully.

If you need traffic management, rubbish management, food & liquor licences and other regulated concessions then the events team will help make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.

Visit the Taupo District Council's website to learn more about planning an event in the region.


Manaakitanga / hospitality is something Taupō is proud of.

Volunteers and service groups make the difference. Taupō people give thousands of hours to make visitors and competitors feel welcome. They create genuine opportunities to get to know our people. They don’t yell your number, they yell your name.

An estimated 12,000 volunteers support the Taupō events. Donations made by event organisers to the various Taupō clubs, schools and service organisations who provide the volunteers acknowledge the critical role they play in the success of the event.


The local radio and newspapers are enthusiastic supporters of events in Taupō. Link with them for your local advertising in and around Taupō.


There is plenty of parking at venue locations and extra space can be available for overflows if required. Taupō and Turangi town centre's parking are all free and there are time designated or all day spaces to choose from.


Taupō has a range of caterers to choose from whatever your event. From VIP sit downs to on the run takeaways, there is a Taupo food provider for every occasion. And the coffee is constant!


Everything you need from three phase leads and lighting, to big screens and sound gear, generator and marquees. All within 10 minutes drive from most of our venues.

Emergency response and hospital

St John Ambulance can provide 24 hour emergency and non-emergency services from ambulances to First Aid. Taupo Hospital, the Rescue Helicopter and Police Search & Rescue provide their support to give you confidence in the safety plans for your Taupo event.

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