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Taupo wedding & events catering

Giving your guests good food is a way of showing your love and appreciation that they’ve come to celebrate your special day with you. We’ve put together a directory of the Taupo region’s best caterers so you can organise an unforgettable feast for your wedding day.

Our caterers offer everything from a casual buffet to a five-course banquet. Fresh local produce features strongly in our cuisine and if you’re interested in local wholefoods, ask your caterer to include Taupo Beef and Lamb, Marty’s Microgreens or some local free-range poultry. There are also many local organic and raw food products available.

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  • Restaurants

    SMK Southern Meat Kitchen

    SMK Southern Meat Kitchen on Tuwharetoa street is Taupo’s funkiest BBQ concept restaurant. With a unique wood smoker imported from America they produce mouth watering meals with an emphasis on low ’n’ slow meats.

  • Catering

    Eat Catering

    Eat Catering is a modern, vibrant company created to match a passion for food with the increasing demand for catering services in the Taupo region.

  • Catering

    Master of India

    Master of India strives to bring you the most authentic in Indian cuisine, complimented with traditional Indian décor.

  • Markets & specialty food

    Constables Kitchen

    A locally owned family business offering a wide range of cakes and catering for any occasion. We hand-make all our products, from catering to cakes.

  • Catering

    Yum Food Company

    Yum offers unique and healthy catering and food styling options throughout Taupo for any function or event, including morning/afternoon teas, corporate functions/conferences, business meetings and weddings.

  • Cafes

    Baked With Love

    The dynamic duo of Kim & Scott have hit the ground running, since swapping corporate jobs in busy Auckland to the hospitality industry in Taupo.

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