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6 ways to warm up after exploring the Taupō outdoors

From the incredible snow-capped mountains, to the serenity of the lake and expansive alpine forests, winter is a beautiful time to experience all that Taupō has to offer.

And whether you’re into fishing, hiking, biking, golf or something else just as exciting - you definitely don’t have to stop enjoying your passions just because the colder months are here.

Bike the popular Rotary Ride this winter!

Sure, the daytime temp can sometimes struggle to reach double digits, but you know what? Who cares if it’s cold! Because the good news is that there’s plenty of wonderful ways to warm up after exploring the great outdoors.

So just do it!

Go on an epic adventure then reward yourself with these cosy, comforting and more leisurely activities. You’ll have earned it.

1. Heat up in a hot pool

Did someone say hot pool? Because we have a whole bunch of them here in Taupō, and jumping (or delicately climbing) into one is the best way to end a busy day. And what makes our hot pools extra special is that most of them are heated by the natural geothermal springs that run deep underground.

If you’re on an adults-only trip, Wairakei Terraces & Geothermal Health Spa is absolutely sublime for soothing a tired body - their mineral rich water providing healing and therapeutic properties will ensure you wake up thinking “what 20km bike ride?”

For an adults only trip, unwind at the Wairakei Terraces

And if you have got the kids here too, Taupō DeBretts Hot Springs is ideal for the whole family. There’s a kid’s warm water playground and hydroslides for them to use up the last bit of energy before bedtime.

Or, if you’re after something truly unique, grab a hot drink and head down to Hot Water Beach on the lakefront. Here you can slip off your shoes and pop your feet into little natural hot water pools formed from the nearby streams.

2. Enjoy a cold drink fireside

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying your favourite beverage and reminiscing about your day’s activities while you’re fireside. And a few of Taupō’s establishments are more than happy to cater to those needs!

At the Crafty Trout Brewery, you’ll find a quirky lodge-style bar, an extensive range of beers (some that are actually brewed onsite) and of course, the all important fireplace.

Enjoy the huge wine and cocktail selection by the fire at Vine Eatery & Bar

Finn’s Gastro Pub and Vine Eatery & Bar are also great places to grab a cold one and stay snug by the fire.

3. Have a hearty meal at the lakefront

Every adventure needs to finish with a three-course meal to replace all those calories burned. And just so you know, dessert is a must. (Check out the rotating sweets and treats cabinet at Dixie Browns).

Be wowed by the lakefront views & cosy fire at Dixie Browns

Along the town centre’s lakefront you’ll find plenty of pubs and restaurants that not only have incredible views of the lake and mountains, but also extensive menus full of delicious, hearty food.

4. Grab a hot drink on your cruise

If you’re having a rest day, why not take in the sights of the lake and mountains from a sailboat, catamaran or replica steamship?

Soak up the spectacular views on Chris Jolly's Cruise Cat

Heading out on the water is the perfect way to see the full expanse of Lake Taupō, and all of your cruise options come with a complimentary hot beverage. It really is a fun and cosy way to spend a few hours.

5. Head inside for something fun

If you’ve done your dash with being outside, there’s a few indoor activities on offer that are sure to keep you entertained. Dropzone at The Landing has ten-pin bowling till late, and just next door you could work up a sweat at The Cave - a virtual reality studio.

Find the clues before time runs out in any of the four rooms at Confinement

Confinement Escape Rooms Taupō are also an absolute blast, whether you’re here with friends or family (or both). Give your body a rest and your brain a workout as you try to figure out all the clues before the time runs out!

6. Go on a geothermal walk

A walk in nature is always a good idea, even in the winter. And one of the warmest walks you could do is one that involves geothermal activity!

Craters of the Moon is a seven-minute drive north of the town centre and the 40 - 60 minute loop pathway takes you past bubbling craters and steaming vents.

Winter is the perfect time to walk the Craters of the Moon

Out at Orakei Korako Geothermal Park you’ll find New Zealand’s largest silica terraces and one of only two geothermal caves worldwide. With 23 active geysers and mud pools aplenty, the air is definitely warm here - perfect on a chilly day.

So, come on, what are you waiting for?

Head to Lake Taupō this winter, and enjoy the best of both worlds - the outdoors and indoors!



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