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4 epic reasons to have a ‘Cheeky Midweeky’ in Taupō this autumn

Psst. Over here. Want to know a secret? Visiting the Taupō Region is awesome all year round. But coming for a ‘Cheeky Midweeky’ is the ultimate travel move. And it’s one you should definitely take advantage of this Autumn.

Family Fishing In Western Bays, Lake Taupo - By Todd Eyre
Fishing on the Western Bays of Lake Taupō

There’s always an excuse to escape to the central North Island. Even more so when you can make the most of a ‘Cheeky Midweeky’.

Got kids who aren’t at school yet? Looking for new ways to enjoy your golden years? Or up for an adventure (that doesn’t hurt the back pocket)? Here are a few things to make a mid-week break A for Awesome.

1. The cafes and restaurants are quieter

On the weekend, the cafes are always an energetic place to brunch. But during the week, the cafes are a little quieter and more relaxing spot to relish a slow morning. So you can grab a prime place to enjoy your brunch, lunch or afternoon tea, with front-row seats to views of the lake (or to people-watch - because who doesn’t love a bit of that?).

Enjoy the decadent cocktail and food offerings at Vine Eatery & Bar

Restaurants also fill up on Friday and Saturday nights, and bookings are necessary. A homemade sammie on the bed in your accommodation isn’t all bad. But we’re sure you’d rather enjoy an incredible meal at one of Taupō’s amazing restaurants on a week night.

2. You’ll have the lakefront (and hot springs) to yourself

The lakefront is always a popular place for locals and visitors. But mid-week, you’re likely to have many of the best spots all to yourself. This means setting up a picnic with a lake and mountain panorama spread out in front of you. And being able to have a sneaky dip without too many people hearing your screams of ‘it’s cold!’

Woman walking her dog at Wharewaka, sunset Lake Taupo - By Todd Eyre
There's so many spots along the Taupō lakefront like Wharewaka Point

There are plenty of warm water hotspots around the lakefront. Mid-week just means you can arrive when you want and very likely be able to dip your toes into a free, natural hot spring straight away! Which is much more fun when you don’t have to ‘wait your turn’, (or play footsies with a stranger).

3. Make the most of lower accommodation rates

Our accommodation providers know how great it is to visit the Taupō Region midweek. They like to take it upon themselves to make it even more attractive by offering special deals.

Stay at Boulevard Waters and make the most of the wide-open view and the freedom to wander as far as you like around the lake edge

Watch out for lower per night rates. Or a free night to hitch onto the end of your break. All sorts of fantastic, budget-friendly stuff is going on here. And if you consider yourself a visitor to our beautiful part of the world, then those deals apply to you!

4. Check out the midweek attraction deals

Here’s another secret. We know! We’re full of them today. There’s also a whole bunch of activity providers who want to welcome you to town during the week. They are more than happy to reward you with some awesome deals to get amongst everything we have to offer in the central North Island.

Picture this, you're discovering remote waters with Taxicat Adventures

Picture this! You’re able to try everything out that you want to, but pay less than you would on the weekend. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

Right. Now that you’re convinced a ‘Cheeky Midweeky’ is the ticket for you. Check out all the epic deals on our ‘Cheeky Midweeky’ Deals page, and get ready to make the most of mid-week travel!



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  4. 4 epic reasons to have a ‘Cheeky Midweeky’ in Taupō this autumn