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Fishing shops in Taupo & Turangi

Whether you're an international tourist to the North Island or you've recently moved here, you will want to zero in on a fishing shop that meets your needs. This list of the Taupo and Turangi region’s fishing shops should make your search easier.

Taupo and Turangi are world-class trout fishing destinations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, a fishing expedition in the crystal-clear waters of the Taupo region is sure to be rewarding. Perfect the art of fly fishing into some of the world’s most prolific network of rivers and tributaries, a haven for fly fishing enthusiasts looking to land record-sized trout.

While fishing opportunities abound and ability matters, how you fare also boils down to the fishing equipment you bring along. You need to be fully equipped and comfortable on your day out fishing.

Taupo fishing shops

  • Sports & outdoors

    Fly & Gun Hunting & Fishing

    At Fly & Gun Hunting & Fishing we specialise in fresh water tackle, firearms, hunting apparel and advice for hunting and fishing in the Central North Island. We also carry a huge range of outdoor clothing and camping equipment.

  • Sports & outdoors

    Taupo Rod & Tackle

    We specialize in all trout fishing equipment, fly fishing, spinning, trolling, harling and jigging. We have Taupō's best selection of flies and lures, and we know which ones are working!

  • Sports & outdoors

    Torpedo7 Taupo

    Torpedo7 is New Zealand’s leading outdoor adventure sport multi-channel retailer, specialising in bike, snow, outdoor, watersports, moto and fishing gear. Shop in our Taupō store or buy online.

Turangi fishing shops

  • Shop & services

    Creel Tackle House

    Turangi's favourite tackle shop. We sell rods, lines, fly reels, waders, boots and accessories.

  • Sports & outdoors

    Sporting Life Turangi

    Fishing outfitters to the world famous Tongariro River. Whether you’re walking, tramping, mountain biking, rafting, hunting, fishing, boating or just enjoying the great outdoors, Sporting Life is there to make it more enjoyable.

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What to keep in mind before fishing in the Taupo region

You need a valid fishing licence

Fishing licences control fishing and protect rare fish and fish that are in danger of becoming extinct. You need a licence to fish in the Taupo District, which consists of the three main towns of Taupo, Turangi and Mangakino.

You can choose one of two options to buy the fishing licence: purchase it online from the Department of Conservation or from a licence agent in Taupo, Turangi, Manawatu, Taranaki or the Whanganui region.

The licence will carry your full name and other information, including the licence class and effect. You're required to carry the licence with you on your fishing adventure. Make sure you have it on your person before you set off!

Follow applicable rules

Certain fishing rules have been implemented to provide everyone a fair chance at indulging in their fishing passion while ensuring that the local aquatic population and water quality are not affected. Adherence is important to avoid fines or prosecution. Here's a look at a few of the rules:

  • You're forbidden from using electronic fish attracting devices
  • Selling or purchasing trout is illegal
  • The taking of fish indigenous to Lake Taupo is prohibited
  • In all waters in the Taupo Fishing District, except Lake Rotoaira, a daily limit of 6 trout per day applies
  • You must stop fishing once you meet your daily limit of trout
  • You can fish with one rod at a time, and use up to three lures on your line
  • You can use only single-point hooks, and a lure cannot have more than one hook attached
  • Baits are not permitted. Only artificial flies or lures can be used for jigging, spinning and trolling.

Pay attention to fishing etiquette

Anglers are expected to follow certain unspoken rules of fishing etiquette. You may be familiar with them, but it doesn't hurt to brush up on do's and don'ts, which you can do here. Just as you treat fellow anglers with respect and kindness, remember to treat the fish, flora and natural resources with compassion too.

For a list of more sporting and outdoors stores in the Taupo region click here.

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