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Pre- and post-conference activities

Bonding over fun activities is a great way to motivate and reward your group members while creating an opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level. These pre- and post-event activities are sure to engage your peers and create memorable experiences you can all reminisce with.


FourB e-biking experience

Perhaps a few members of your group have arrived in town a few days before your event, or some are used to early morning exercise; either way, FourB's Huka Trails e-bike tour will get your group out of bed and into the outdoors. One way to see many natural attractions of the area is to explore the Wairakei Thermal Loop; your group will glide along the mountain bike trails with ease on e-bikes, making it great for beginners and mature adults. Starting at the mighty Huka Falls, you’ll travel beside the Waikato River onwards to the Aratiatia Dam and rapids, and if timed right you can watch as the dam release. You’ll then loop back through flat farmland and along a geothermal stream.

Confinement Escape Rooms Taupō

Before your team has a day of strategizing and problem-solving, put those skills to the test at Confinement Escape Rooms Taupō. With four rooms to choose from, there is space for all your guests to team up and race to escape. Each room has a different theme and story to uncover, as you work your way through riddles, lock-and-key puzzles, and combination clues.

Want to explore Taupō Town Centre? Then opt for the Scavenger Hunt, which sees teams of 2-6 race around town solving clues for 60 minutes. Sure to encourage creative thinking and laughter, Confinement Escape Rooms is the ultimate crowd-pleaser and brain teaser.


Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary

Letting out some pent-up energy after a conference day is important for both physical and mental health, and a round at Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary is the perfect release. This course is rated one of the country’s best championship courses, with the sixth, eighth and fourteenth holes highlighted as standouts. While you putt around, you’ll likely come across deer, guinea fowl, pheasants or even the endangered Takahē if you’re lucky. Hundreds of native birds find sanctuary within the predator-free walls of the club. If your with a group of avid golfers, corporate groups are able to book exclusive tournament days.

Jet atop the mighty Waikato River

Although most conference meetings end successfully, there may be moments throughout the day when you simply wish to scream; well hold it in, and let it out on a jet boat!

Hukafalls Jet

You won’t get any closer to the roaring Huka Falls than with Hukafalls Jet. Travelling up to 80kmph on the Waikato River, you’ll be whipped around doing full 360o spins, come within centimetres of cliff faces and zoom over the white-water of the waterfall itself.

Rapids Jet

Further down the river, Rapids Jet excitably manoeuvres you over the Nga Awa Purua Rapids that are created from the Aratiatia Dam release. You’ll blaze over a mess of white-water and be launched over the rapids at speed, the boat almost completely leaving the water! 35 minutes later, everyone in your group will return to land smiling ear-to-ear.

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