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The cheeky 9 with Taupo Golf Club's pro golfer - Renee Fowler

We chat with Renee Fowler. Golf professional at Taupo Golf Club, Renee represented New Zealand as an amateur for seven consecutive years, attaining No 1 for New Zealand before turning professional.

Position: Taupo Golf Club - Golf Professional

Golf Stat: Renee was previously NZ’s number 1 golfer.

Although Renee had to halt her golf career due to injury, she continued coaching the game she loved. She currently is based at Taupo Golf Club - Centennial. We ask nine golf-related questions and some pro tips for golfers when visiting the area.

Renee at the 16th hole of Taupo Golf Club Centennial

1. Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary or The Kinloch Club Golf Course?

Tough question… Wairakei, just only because it doubles as a wildlife sanctuary.

2. Favourite jaunt in Taupo for a post-golf feed?

Vine Eatery & Bar

3. What is a slight adjustment for any golfer that can have a massive impact on their game?

Expecting too much from their game (laughs)…..actually, focus on where you want the ball to go, not where you don’t want the ball to go.

4. Most annoying habit on the golf course?

Slow play.

Renee speed-golfing at Taupo Golf Club

5. The Taupo region is vast, has a lot of history, hidden gems and nooks; what is your secret spot or a bit of intel for Taupo visitors? Maybe, something you’ve discovered this year?

I enjoy the mountain bike trails - K2K (Kinloch to Kawakawa Bay); serenity at its finest and offer glorious views of the lake and towering Matai.

6. Favourite golf hole in Taupo? Why?

16th hole on Taupo Golf Club - Tauhara. A quirky par 3 with an island-style green - looks easy but deceptively challenging. There are a few holes in one’s on it as well - which makes it more entertaining.

Have you made a hole in one (on the 16th)?

Not yet.

Any others at Taupo Golf Club - Tauhara?

I have aced the 10th.

7. Favourite activity off the golf course?

Lawn Bowls….and giving Croquet a crack this week for the first time. It should be fun.

8. If you could host your dream foursome at Taupo Golf Club - Centennial, who would it be?

Honestly, I’d always go with good friends, but If we’re talking celebrities; I’d play with Lydia Ko, Israel Dagg and Jack Nicklaus (Course Architect at Kinloch).

I get Lydia and Jacks as they are hall of fame golfers, but why Izzy?

He seems like a funny lad.

He loves his golf, so we could probably arrange this at some point.

9. Finally, you are lucky enough to call Taupo home - one of New Zealand’s best golf destinations, but when the world does open up, where would you like to play?

Vietnam for some sun-seeking. The golf courses look interesting, all different in layout and design—especially Hoi Ana Shores, a links layout like Tara Iti.

Next time you are in Taupo, we recommend adding another dimension to your trip and improving your game. 

Level up your game with Renee's expert Golf Lessons.

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