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How to travel more sustainably in the Taupō region

We love where we live. And we’re also pretty proud to show it off to manuhiri (guests) who choose to spend time in our beautiful backyard. In fact, we welcome you here in the spirit of manaakitanga (respect, kindness and hospitality). 

And to ensure many future generations get to enjoy our corner of the world, we know that ‘treading lightly’ is so important. This is about considering the natural environment around us and how we can all act as a guardian - protecting and preserving our precious home.

So when you come to explore Lake Taupō, we invite you to take on a wero (challenge). It’s about making a positive impact when you visit by taking up the Tiaki Promise - committing to the care of our roto (lake), Tūpuna Maunga (ancestral mountains) and everything in between.

And for that, we say ngā mihi nui (we give you our gratitude and thanks). Here’s a few ideas for how you could travel more sustainability in the Lake Taupō Region.

Get off the beaten track

Sometimes the road less travelled offers an abundance of experiences that you least expect, and it also helps to reduce the wear and tear on the more popular hot spots around the region.
Instead of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, why not check out Tama Lakes or the Kaimanawa Forest Park.

Mount Urchin Track - Kaimanawa Forest Park

Explore the Western Bays or southern shores of Taupō Moana near Tūrangi. These locations are just as beautiful and worthy of a visit, and the bonus is that you could have them all to yourself while you’re there!

For more inspiration, check out these adventures on the southern shores of Lake Taupō


Stay a while, and slow down while you’re here

Because there’s lots to see and do in this part of New Zealand, you may have some rather jam-packed days to get through it all. But don’t rush! Slow down and take your time to really enjoy your adventures before heading off to the next thing on the list.

Pukawa Bay - Lake Taupō

The essence of sustainable travel is about taking in and appreciating not just the activity itself but also the place and the space. Who was here before you, and who will be following in your footsteps - and how can you ensure you leave it as you found it?


Ditch the car and walk

Instead of having to pull the car over every two minutes to capture a photo of a beautiful view, why not let your legs do the walking? For example, Taupō township is very pedestrian friendly, with a glorious lakefront walk that takes you from many accommodation providers to cafes, retailers and tour operators.

Lake Taupo Two Mile Bay - family on the Great Lake Pathway - photo by Todd Eyre
Lion's Walk - Great Lake Pathway

Some of our best attractions are also all about walking, from the Great Lake Walkway to the Waikato River Trails and the Tongariro River Trail. And just think, while you’re enjoying some of our world-class scenery, you can give yourself a pat on the back for not needing the car. 

Whether you're up for a leisurely lakeside amble or a full-day mountain adventure, we've got the perfect walk waiting for you in our region. Dive into our hiking tales to discover your ideal trail and get ready to step into the great outdoors 


Embrace environmentally-friendly habits

We’ve been working hard to try and minimise our impact on the environment and while the big stuff is really important, the small stuff matters too. And even if you’re only here for a few days or a week, there’s plenty you can do to help.

Lots of our favourite cafes will be happy to serve your favourite hot beverage in a reusable cup. And don’t forget your reusable bag when you go to the supermarket or when you’re checking out some of our wonderful boutique retailers.

L'Arte Cafe & Art Gallery

If you're in need of some mouthwatering foodie inspiration, we've got the scoop on the most blissful breakfast spots to start your day off right here

Keeping the Taupō region clean and green is something we can all be a part of and we’d love for you to use our rubbish bins that are dotted around the place - some even provide recycling for various materials like plastic and paper. But if you can’t find a bin, please take your rubbish with you until you can dispose of it correctly.

Sustainable travel is about showing respect not only for the environment but also for the people, culture and customs. And by encouraging all of our visitors to care, conserve and protect, we know it will continue to enrich the time each and every person spends in our slice of lake-side paradise.

Nau mai haere mai, we welcome you to share our love of this place and treasure it as much as we do.

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