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Tūrangi Golf Course - A Taupō Sleeper

There's something special about Tūrangi at twilight.

An enchantment settles upon Tūrangi as the sun dips below the horizon. Comfortably in the conversation as one of Taupō’s heavyweight courses, the Tūrangi Golf Course is an essential gem in any weekend excursion, calling travellers - and all kinds of golfers - along State Highway 1 with a promise of unparalleled, country-style golfing delight just 45 minutes from Taupō.

Turangi Golf Course - quality golf among parklands and birdlife
Magic hides within Turangi Golf Course

Nestled on the lower slopes of Pihanga Peak - a smaller sibling of the great mountains of the Central Plateau, and only a driver-five iron away from the iconic flowing water of Tūrangi, the setting is as delightful as they come. Dim the lights and change the angle of the sun to twilight, queue the long slender shadows and amber colours, and you have the perfect subject for an oil painting…with golf clubs as your brush and palette.

Abundant birdsong and wildlife as the soundtrack to glorious golf


The timeless Tūrangi Golf Course proves Tūrangi itself is much more than just an iconic fishing destination, any visit to the famed fishing spot is not complete without roaming the peaceful parklands. An essential pairing with any of Taupō’s recognised courses on a weekend away, simply put, there's no good reason not to stop for a round if you're on State Highway 1 travelling to, or from the south. 

A blind opening tee shot teases you to what’s over the ridge and beyond, 18 holes of surprise and delight. Zig zag your way up and down the slopes of the firm yet lush terrain and you quickly realise that it’s a healthy workout to get the blood pumping, but also a stern adventure that can easily distract you from the golf shots required.

Pure swing and a pure setting

Stunning par threes reveal themselves among large sweeping par fours with free licence off elevated tees, a pilot's dream seeing the runway from a distance to guide you home. Trundle a little wayward from the fairways and things don’t get too complicated. Despite the heavy tree lines, there’s a friendly and forgiving nature to the golf, slopey but not severe, guarded but not Fort Knox. Par 72 from both tees, the Tūrangi Golf Course is 18 holes of pure bliss. 5738 metres off the whites and 5145 metres from the yellows, ideal for a cheeky 9 or delightful 18, Tūrangi pairs well with a family fourball.

Nature wins, 1-up

The moment you pull into the carpark (an easily and commonly missed entrance), you’ll feel the welcoming vibes that call for you to leave yesterday’s worries and bogeys at the gate. You’re safe here, we’re glad you’ve made it. The stunning terrain of Tūrangi is light on the pocket, but don’t be fooled, it packs a punch for a pure golf outing all year ‘round. 9 holes or more of achingly beautiful country-style parklands golf, abundant birdsong, fresh mountain air and less traffic than a lock down. 

Take it from us. Tūrangi is a treasure chest brimming with surprises, and your ticket to golfing tranquillity tailored for all kinds of golfers.


Vibes all round - Turangi Golf Course delivers

Extra Nuggets:

  • Autumn is a spectacular time with the tree foliage showing amazing colours. 
  • Tūrangi sits at the entrance to the Tongariro National Park, a World Heritage site. 
  • The exciting volcanic nature, three ski fields and excellent trout fishing of this area is a key visitor attraction of Tūrangi. 
  • Despite only opening the 18 holes to the public in 1971, it feels like it’s always been there. 
  •  Look out for the bunker on the 18th green?!
  •  When in doubt, take the fork in the path to the top tee box
  • The great play off hole number 18. Take a pop at the sneaky short and tricky short par 4 11th.

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