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7 reasons to escape to the Taupō region for a spring break

It’s tough to pick a favourite, but spring might just be the perfect season to visit the Taupō region, as the first breath of warmth makes all things possible. 

Short getaways are a proven antidote to burnout, and a spring micro escape to the Taupō region is the perfect way to reconnect, rejuvenate and ease your way out of winter and into the outdoors. If you're wondering what makes the Taupō region so good in spring, here's 7 very good reasons!

1. Over 200km of biking and hiking trails to explore

Hey there, outdoor enthusiasts! Ready to swap your winter woolies for some adventure gear? The Taupō region's got you sorted this spring.

For our hikers, there’s everything from easy-peasy walks to more ‘give it some welly’ treks. Fancy a relaxed stroll? The Huka Falls walk to Spa Thermal Park is a must-see, offering jaw-dropping views without breaking a sweat. And for those of you ready to tackle a proper day hike, gear up for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. It’s an absolute stunner, showcasing the best of our volcanic landscapes – trust us, it's worth every step.

More of a two-wheeler fan? The Great Lake Trails are a cyclist’s dream, offering unbeatable lake views and just the right amount of challenge. Fancy a short spin? Try the Tongariro River Trail – perfect for a quick blast of fresh air and fun. And for the mountain bikers among us, Craters MTB Park is just the ticket. 

2. Soak up the geothermal wonders

Alright, let’s turn up the heat a notch, shall we? The Taupō region is home to some of the most incredible geothermal wonders this side of the Southern Hemisphere!

First off, Orakei Korako, also known as the Hidden Valley, is an absolute must-visit. Imagine a geothermal wonderland with silica terraces, bubbling hot springs, and the largest number of active geysers of any geothermal park in New Zealand.

A visit to Craters of the Moon will have you feeling like you’ve stepped onto another planet.

For those who fancy a soak, Taupō DeBretts is your go-to spot. These hot mineral pools are perfect for easing those muscles after exploring. Picture yourself lounging in soothing, mineral-rich waters under the starry spring sky – it doesn’t get much better.

Then there’s the Wairakei Terraces & Thermal Health Spa – you get to soak in therapeutic mineral pools and learn a heap about the rich Māori history tied to these geothermal treasures.

3. Slow down and reconnect with nature

Kia ora, nature lovers! Ready to feast your eyes on some of Taupō's most gorgeous spring scenes?

First up, you can’t go past the Huka Falls – talk about a sight for sore eyes! The thundering waters framed by fresh greenery? Pure magic. Then there's the jewel in our crown – Lake Taupō. Whether you’re cruising on the lake or just chilling on its shores, it’s a picture-perfect moment waiting to happen.

But wait, there's more! Wander through our parks and gardens, where the spring flowers are strutting their stuff. The botanical beauties in the Waipāhīhī Botanical Reserve. A real treat for the senses.

And for you golfing enthusiasts, we've got all kinds of golf for all kinds of golfers. Imagine teeing off surrounded by sprouting leaves and blooming flowers at our world-class golf courses. It's not just about hitting par; it's about soaking up the beauty all around you.

4. Trout fishing capital of the world

Did you know that the Taupō region is often called the trout fishing capital of the world? As spring rolls around, trout are shaking off their winter blues and getting ready for some action.

The back-country rivers and streams teem with some of the feistiest rainbow and brown trout you'll ever meet.

If you’re a bit green when it comes to fly fishing, no worries at all! Hiring a local guide is the way to go. These folks know the waters like the back of their hand and will have you casting like a pro in no time.

For a truly unique experience, hop onto a charter boat and head to the middle of Lake Taupō. You’ll get a different perspective of the region and the opportunity to reel in some impressive catches.

5. Events worth travelling for

Spring in the Taupō region isn’t just about natural beauty and outdoor adventures; it’s also a season bursting with events that are too good to miss!

The streets of Taupō come alive with vibrant colours and creative flair during the Graffiato: Taupō Street Art Festival. It's a visual feast where local and national artists transform walls into masterpieces.

Then there are the annual Kinloch Village Markets, a perfect spot for a leisurely browse and a chance to snag some unique local goodies. Market Central Taupō's Labour Day extravaganza makes it the weekend for memorable outdoor shopping.

6. Great places to eat

We're not just about stunning landscapes and thrilling adventures; our food scene is something to write home about too! Whether you're after a cozy café experience, a gourmet meal, or just a spot to unwind with a fine wine, we've got you covered.

In Tūrangi, Hare & Copper Eatery is a must-visit for their mouth-watering dishes, and Creel Café is a hidden gem for those seeking a quaint, delicious bite off the Tongariro River. 

Venture into Acacia Bay and you'll stumble upon L'Arte Café. This place is an experience in itself, with its mosaic garden and art gallery – a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds. And for those who love a meal with a view, Knoll Ridge Chalet on Mt Ruapehu offers not just scrumptious eats but also breathtaking panoramas that are, quite frankly, unparalleled.

And in Taupō town, you can't go past Storehouse, Baked with Love, Cafe Baku or Vine Eatery for a fireside wine at the end of the day.

7. Christmas shopping sorted!

The Taupō region isn't just a feast for the eyes and the palate; it's also a treasure trove for those who love a spot of shopping. Known for its boutique shopping scene, this town has become a bit of a mecca for shoppers looking for something special and unique.

Imagine strolling through Taupō's charming streets, discovering independent lifestyle, fashion, and homeware stores. These boutiques are not your run-of-the-mill shops; they're places where you can find coveted items that have people travelling from far and wide. Whether you're after chic clothing, unique home decor, or just a memorable keepsake, Taupō's shops are brimming with must-have treasures.

But that's not all. Taupō is also a hub for creativity, attracting many artists and artisans who find inspiration in the town's stunning surroundings. Scattered around the lake, their galleries and open-studios are a testament to their talent and a delight for art lovers.

From handcrafted jewellery to bespoke artworks, you'll find plenty of beautiful items that will make your holiday gift-giving truly special and heartfelt.


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