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Taupō takeaways & bakeries

If you’ve got a craving for an award-winning venison pie or a gourmet fried-chicken burger to take away, you've come to the right place! Everyone knows that crispy fish and hot chips taste way better with mates sitting by Lake Taupō and enjoying the unbelievable views. 

Taupō has many takeaway outlets, bakeries and drive-through restaurants offering delicious food and the flexibility to eat on-the-go so you can grab a lakefront table!

You will find boutique bakeries, as well as popular international chain restaurants in convenient locations throughout the region.

Everyone loves a good pie, and we are not short of some amazing pie shops. For true pie lovers, Taupō 's Fast & Fresh Bakery was awarded the supreme pie at the 2017 NZ Bakels Supreme Pie Awards for their perfectly rich and golden venison, mushroom, bacon and cheese pie - a must-try. Paetiki Bakery is the proud winner of the 2012 Gold Award for their seafood pie, but their chips are a best-kept local secret as well!

And Pauly's Diner has become a favourite with locals and visitors far and wide for their generous burgers and tasty southern fried chicken. But you can’t miss the opportunity for some amazing fish n’ chips by the lake.

About one minute off the Great Lake Pathway is a bright green building, serving up fish n’ chips in true Kiwi fashion. The Fish Box menu ranges from trevally to paua burgers to perfect garlic chips. Grab a box and head back down to the lake for a front-row seat at a sunset dinner.

If you’re ready for a quirky experience, Taupō has been noted as one of the most unique Mcdonalds locations in the world, with a decommissioned DC3 plane as part of the store, not to mention the world-class vista of Lake Taupō in the background.

Takeaways & bakeries in Taupo

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  • Takeaways & bakeries

    Burgerfuel Taupo

    Because we believe that life is too short to eat bad burgers, we cook’ em and prepare’ em while you wait, to bring you a healthy, built fresh alternative in gourmet fast food.

  • Takeaways & bakeries

    Chelsea Bakery

    A traditional New Zealand bakery serving Taupo's "Famous Fast & Fresh Fried Chicken and Chips"

  • Takeaways & bakeries


    I'm Lovin' it Taupo, New Zealand, has the honor of being home to the only McDonald's location that includes a decommissioned DC3 plane as part of the store.

  • Cafés

    Delta Coffee

    The only coffee stop before and after the Desert Road in a very accessible large carpark beside the world famous Tongariro River.

  • Takeaways & bakeries


    Delicious fish and chips, gourmet burgers and Chinese food on the main road through Taupo town. Takeaway or dine in!

  • Takeaways & bakeries

    Fast and Fresh Bakery Cafe

    Fast & Fresh Bakery in Taupo is home to the best gourmet pie in New Zealand and many other award winning pies such as the venison, bacon, mushroom and cheese pie which won the 2017 NZ Bakels Supreme Pie Awards.

  • Takeaways & bakeries

    Hell Pizza Taupō

    Welcome to HELL!!! The best damned pizza in this life or the next. Hell is a 666% New Zealand original concept founded in 1996 in Wellington, NZ.

  • Takeaways & bakeries

    Sushi Paradise

    Authentic licensed Japanese sushi restaurant. Serving fresh sushi rolls and hot Japanese food!

  • Takeaways & bakeries


    Serving up that delicious Original Recipe Chicken that Kiwis know and love.

  • Food & drink

    Kinloch Store

    Kinloch Store is located on the gorgeous Kinloch lake front and is your one-stop-shop for everything you need while enjoying a relaxing holiday away.

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