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Stories of Aroha from the heart of the North Island

by Destination Great Lake Taupō / 2 mins read

Destination Great Lake Taupo has launched an international human-interest campaign called ‘Aroha’.

Date: 28 Mar 2019

The Aroha campaign celebrates a love of Taupo by showcasing real people and their stories with a goal of attracting new visitor markets to the region. Artists, community leaders and creatives come together to share their personal journeys, genuine aroha (love) and passion for Taupo, the heart of New Zealand’s North Island.

Paul Froggatt, Executive Chef at Huka Lodge, is the first Aroha ambassador to be profiled.

“Our launch of the Aroha campaign is part of a key strategic shift in attracting a greater diversity of visitors to the region. By focusing on localism through storytelling, our aim is to introduce a broader range of experiences to our visitors, promoting longer, more immersive stays. This approach is fundamental to our Love Taupo destination branding and regional identity” says Destination Great Lake Taupo Marketing and Communications Manager, Anna McLaren.

The Aroha campaign explores people and their love of place, and how this shapes their identity and inspires their work.

“Taupo is a region rich in diversity, with authentic experiences around every corner that are ready to be shared by locals through their love of place. We want to share these personal stories and inspire visitors to discover a deeper, more emotional connection with Taupo.

“Visitors want to get inside the lives of people who live here, not observe it from a distance. They want real experiences that are unique to the region,” says Anna.

Partner and Creative Director at DGLT’s brand agency Osborne Shiwan, Shabnam Shiwan, attributes the catalyst for this global tourism campaign to a need for better visitor engagement, in a more meaningful way.

“Talking with people from Taupo, it is immediately evident that there is great aroha for the region. They are passionate about what they do and connected to this place in a genuine way. The Aroha campaign forms a fundamental part of our ongoing brand development of Love Taupo with DGLT,” says Shabnam.

The Aroha campaign will profile a series of ambassadors alongside DGLT’s seasonal campaigns, launching today with Paul Froggatt, Executive Chef at Huka Lodge

Other ambassadors to be profiled in 2019 include; Kim Forsyth, Lynden Over, Ma Isherwood, Zhi Yuen Yap, Tom Loughlin, Matahi Brightwell and Ross Liew.

Each unique Aroha story will be shared via PR, through www.lovetaupo.com and all @LoveTaupoNZ social channels.

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Paul Froggatt

Former Executive Chef at Huka Lodge

For nearly 100 years, the Huka Lodge kitchen has fed guests who come from around the world to catch trout in the luminescent blue-green Waikato River beside the luxury lodge. For five years, chef Paul Froggatt has led Huka Lodge’s kitchen.

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