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Taupo image library

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome. This is Taupo. The heart of Aotearoa New Zealand’s beautiful North Island. 

You are very welcome to use any of our destination images to promote Taupo to the world.

For more information contact us on marketing@lovetaupo.com.

Please read terms & conditions below.

Publishing of these images is welcome with the following conditions:

  • The images may not be sold or used for direct commercial or political gain.
  • All images used must be credited to Destination Great Lake Taupō at least once in the medium used.
  • If the images are being used online please link back to www.lovetaupo.com.
  • For example… "For more information about the Taupo region, please visit the official information website www.lovetaupo.com ."
  • The images remain the property of Destination Great Lake Taupō.
  • The images may not be manipulated or changed in any way without prior permission.
  • The photographs must be kept in context and in relation to the activity.
  • The images may not be used in a negative context.
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