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Meet the DGLT board

The Destination Great Lake Taupo board provides governance and support to management. As a stand alone legal entity, the board has significant autonomy and responsibility to make decisions that deliver better outcomes for the Taupo District’s visitor industry and community.

Ray Salter, Chairman
What you do? Consultant with TRC Tourism Ltd.
What are your specialist areas? Helping tourism businesses reach their potential.
What do you love about Taupo? I love the golf courses. Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary and The Kinloch Club are two of the best courses in New Zealand.
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Glyn Williams, Deputy Chairman
What do you do? General Manager of
What are you interested in? Digital transformation focusing on community engagement and digital marketing.
What do you love about Taupo? I love the locally produced gourmet food products. From honey and chocolate, to craft beer, wine and truffles, there is a wealth of talent in this region.
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Cushla Clark
What you do? Marketing & Office Management for Inflite Charters.
What are your specialist areas? Marketing and business management.
What do you love about Taupo? I love the diverse activities that all four seasons offer my family. Taking a scenic flight over the mighty Huka Falls or Tongariro National Park still leaves me in awe!
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Jonathan Cameron
What do you do? Managing Principal of Elevate Capital Partners
What are you interested in? Driving business growth and building better businesses for New Zealand.
What do you love about Taupo? I love getting outside and exploring with my family. My kids are fascinated by the geothermal areas like Craters of the Moon and the hot pools.
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Dennis Christian
What do you do? Managing Director of Flying Kiwi Adventures
What are you interested? Showcasing the best that New Zealand has to offer to the world.
What do you love about Taupo? I love the adventure activities. The region has world-class white-water rafting, epic skydiving and one of the best bungy jumping locations in the world.
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Torben Landl
What do you do? Owner of 2mile Bay Sailing Centre
What are you interested in? Developing new businesses ideas and helping others to achieve their goals.
What do you love about Taupo? I love the sailing and watersports. There’s nothing quite like gliding across the clear waters of New Zealand’s largest lake.
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