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Your fishing shop guide (for the Taupō region)

People come from all over the world to fish in the Lake Taupō region. From pristine waterways to incredible species of trout and beautiful landscapes - it’s not hard to see why we’re a fly fishing paradise.

And whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the art of fly fishing, or you’ve been matching the hatch for longer than you can remember, there’s a number of retailers in town who can help you with just what you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick run-down on the knowledgeable, friendly freshwater and fly fishing shops in Taupō and Tūrangi where you can stop by to stock up.

Taupō Rod & Tackle

Taupō Rod & Tackle are a dedicated freshwater and fly fishing retailer, with a couple of really knowledgeable and keen anglers behind the counter. It’s a place where you can go in for a few bits and pieces, then end up staying for a coffee and a chat.

If you like to tie your own flies, Taupō Rod & Tackle have a huge range of fly tying gear and if you’re not sure which hooks, dubbing, beads and thread you need, there’s always someone to help with advice, instructions, tips and tricks.

They provide rental gear (from rods to waders), are able to sort you out with a fishing licence and can also put you in touch with a range of fishing charters and guides.

Fly & Gun Hunting & Fishing

A part of the nationwide Hunting & Fishing brand, Fly & Gun here in Taupō, knows what the people want when they are in fly fishing country.

They stock a huge range of flies, lures and leading fly fishing brands, from Manic to Sims, and also have some epic combo deals that will see you set up with everything you need, whether you’re just getting started or it’s time to upgrade your gear.

You’ll find the staff in here are avid fishermen, so they know the region well and can offer all sorts of advice and expertise. So come for the rods and stay for the epic chats.

While you’re there, grab your Taupō fishing licence and ask for recommendations on the right charter or guide to help you land the big one!

Hamills Taupō/Trev Terry Marine

These two powerhouses have recently joined forces here in Taupō, and it’s the only place you can go and buy a boat, as well as all the gear for it - Hamills and Trev Terry Marine are truly a one-stop-shop.

They stock a wide variety of freshwater fishing gear (as well as saltwater too) and have a huge range of lures and soft baits. You’ll also find a couple of very enthusiastic fly tiers on staff, so if you’re needing some advice on how to perfect the art of tying, you can’t go wrong here.

Creel Tackle House Tūrangi

Creel Tackle House Tūrangi is your home away from home when it comes to fly fishing, having served Tongariro River anglers for around 80 years.

From fishing reports and advice, to services, products and even an incredible onsite cafe that can prepare a packed lunch for your day on the river or lake, Creel Tackle House offers everything to help you make the most of your time fishing in the region.

Sporting Life Tūrangi

When you need to speak to someone who’s local and knows their stuff, you can’t go past the team at Sporting Life Tūrangi.

Not only will you find a huge range of products for freshwater and fly fishing, you can also stock up on supplies if you’re ‘going bush’ for a few days. And if you’re keen for a chat, make the most of their local, national and international fly fishing knowledge - the team love a yarn.

FishingOnline NZ

FishingOnline is an online retailer of all things saltwater and freshwater fishing, but if you’re in the town of Tūrangi, you can reach out to the team there and arrange a pick-up.

They offer bulk buying of tungsten beads for your fly tying and also have a range of professionally tied flies that are made to their specifications and quality. FishingOnline also supplies the Tongariro and Taupō fishery with fly patterns that have earned them a rather stellar reputation.

As they say, a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work. So if you’re in town and looking to enjoy everything about our incredible freshwater and fly fishing region, check out these incredible fishing deals.

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