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The ultimate guide to Craters MTB Park

A unique mountain bike experience, made by bikers for bikers on our unique pumice soils which can be ridden all year round. We've got the must-ride trails for every type of ride at Craters plus your bike-friendly accommodation and post-ride eats!

Craters MTB Park with Trail Towns

“Our hand-built trails make for a different, more exciting, and more interesting riding experience. All of our trails are built around natural features and environmental obstacles with the land dictating where the trail goes. This leads to a more flowing, more exciting ride.” - Bruce (Trail Master/Builder in Craters MTB Park)

Craters MTB Park is 60 plus kilometers of mountain bike paradise with berms, descents, flow, and old school riding all year round. A unique mountain bike experience, made by bikers for bikers on our pumice soils which can be ridden all year round!

If you’re searching for this “trail nirvana,” Craters Mountain Bike Parkis where you want to be.

Before you ride...

No matter your skill level, you will find the trails you’re looking for at Craters Mountain Bike Park. There is a wide range of trails for every rider, including heaps of intermediate trails from Grade 2 (beginner-friendly) to Grade 4. For hardcore bikers, there are Grade 5 technical trails to get your adrenaline pumping.

If you love to jump on the e-bike, the old-school cross-country trails at Craters are perfect for those long rides.

At Craters, get the panoramic views that come with backcountry biking without the remote drives.

"Some mountain biking destinations you have to drive two hours to get to the nearest mountain bike park."

We’re blessed in Taupō to have 60 km of riding trails just 10 minutes from Taupo town


With heaps of cafes, lake activities, and shops all centered in one location, you'll have plenty of adventures off your bike.

If you’re an avid mountain biker, you’d like to take every chance to be on your bike.

Skip the drive and ride on the off-road trails next to Wairakei Drive, leading right up to Craters MTB Park. Prefer a more scenic route? Then bike the trails via Huka Falls to Craters.

All right, you’re ready to ride and already thinking about the trails but, first, you’ll need a visitor pass. Craters MTB Park is maintained by a local nonprofit, Bike Taupo. So, for seven days of exhilarating rides, you can purchase a day pass from Bike Taupo's website.

Bas sending it down Cole's Killer (Grade 5)

Start your day at the new trail Hub, located across Huka Falls Road from the Craters Car Park. Fuel your ride at Kefi at the Hub with some hearty Breakfast Tacos and purchase your visitor pass there. The new trail center is the perfect place for a pre-ride check with all its new features including:

  • Main carpark
  • Bike repair stand
  • Bike wash
  • Trail board with suggested loops to discover your best ride
  • Toilets
  • Rent a bike at FourB Bike Hire (across from the carpark)

Grab your gear, water, and get ready to send it for the day!

Popular Craters Mountain Bike Park trails (beginner to advanced)

Craters Mountain Bike Park has over 50 singletracks, but we've listed some of the newest and most popular, from easy Grade 2s to advanced drops and directional Grade 4s.

Beginner tracks (Grade 2)

1. Tourist Trap

This is a perfect green for mountain bikers just finding their pedals. Access Tourist Trap from the Hub and lead into different trail loops. With easy climbs and dips, it makes for a great learner’s ride to get their tires dirty. If you’re bringing the whole family along, this is the most popular ride for families.

Distance: 5.4km

Elevation to Descent: 45m to –45m

2. Scraggs

An easy-grade loop trail that has some for all abilities with heaps of fun obstacles you can choose to ride. You build up speed and confidence on the berms, fun rollovers and the easy flowy descents.

Distance: 1.5km

Elevation to Descent: 23m to –28m

3. Coaster

You’ll catch some air on these jumps for sure! It’s called “Coaster” for a reason. Primarily downhill with an easy climb, this is a popular flow trail for beginners and experienced riders alike for its fun and flowy style.

Distance: 1.3km

Elevation to Descent: 28m to –79m

Intermediate trails (Grade 3)

1. Zee Zee Top

A new addition to the park, this trail is well worth the climb for the panoramic views, then making the most of blasting back down the Megalicious track!

Distance: 1.5km

Elevation: 86m

2. Megalicious

One of Craters’ newest and most exciting trails, this Grade 3 downhill trail begins close to the Old Farts Lookout (yep that’s right). Created by Carwyn May and named after his dog, this trail is one of the best downhill flow rides and is worth multiple sessions.

Distance: 1.9km

Elevation to Descent: 4m to – 90m

3. Mr and Mrs

During Mr, you flow downhill through a mature pine forest in a fast descent. Mr leads straight into Mrs where you can navigate and rail through the exciting narrow sections of native bush. There is even a waterfall if you know where to look! This is one of the longest and most popular rides at Craters, accessed from the top of Grinder and Kinda Grinder or halfway from Deb’s Track.

Distance: 4.5km

Elevation to Descent: 44m to –170m

Wanna lift? FourB runs uplift shuttles to a range of tracks like Megalicious, Cole’s Killer, and Buzzard

Advanced trails (Grade 4-5)

1. Cole's Killer

A favourite of local Crankworx rider, Mason Bryant, this trail has some heart-pumping jumps and drops. You can get to this fun ride from Ground Effort Grinder. Get ready to rail and pump your way through this Grade 4 track.

Distance: 1.1km

Elevation to Descent: 1m to –119m

2. Buzzard

Also accessed from the top of the ‘Grinders’ is the Buzzard. One of the original tracks in Craters, this trail is a steep downhill track with a range of steep turns, drop-offs and rooty technical sections to keep you focused.

Distance: 937m

Elevation to Descent: 23m to -116m

3. Waipouwerawera

Experience geothermal streams through native bush on this longer technical ride. With a few narrow sections and exciting drop-offs, this ride is worth the trip!

Distance: 5.2km

Elevation to Descent: 51m to –162m

4. Pinners

From the Tourist Trap, this epic downhill thrill is short but sweet. The gaps and drop jumps will surprise you in a good way! This is a fun and easy option for intermediate riders to challenge themselves with a new skill while still having options for more accessible lines.

Distance: 327m

Descent: -10 m

There are over 50 trails at Craters MTB Park for you to choose your adventure. While we've listed just a few popular tracks for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders, you can purchase a Bike Taupo comprehensive trail map for only $5 at any LBS, the Taupo i-Site and the Hub.

Want more information on full loop tracks to try? Be sure to visit Bike Taupo. 

Bike-friendly stays

We say there is a bed for every head in the Taupo region, from cozy B&Bs to luxury lakefront apartments. And the same goes for every two-wheeled bike!

With the Taupo region classified as an IMBA Silver Ride Centre, you bet that there are heaps of bike-friendly accommodations that offer:

From the all-in-one experience at Wairakei Resort Taupo, only a 5-minute drive from Craters MTB Park, to the private geothermal soaks at the Baycrest Lodge. You will find what you're looking for when you stay in the Taupo region.

Where to eat after Craters MTB Park

The Taupo region is teeming with cafés, eateries, and lakeside restaurants to enjoy before or after a bike ride. Whether you're enjoying a pre-ride smoothie to cool down or indulge in a hearty feed after 15 km of rides, we've got you covered with a few feed options:

1. Kefi at The Hub

At Kefi at The Hub, located across from the main Craters carpark, you can purchase your visitor pass and a trail map while enjoying their Big Fat Greek Breakfast or snacking on their keto-friendly cabinet food.

2. Bodyfuel Café

With new additional outdoor seating, Bodyfuel Café is the place to pop in for a coffee and a healthy breakfast made from free-range and organic ingredients. If you’re in a rush, they also offer packed lunches to take with you on your ride.

3. Jimmy Coops Lakehouse

It's perfect for a fulfilling burger and local craft beer after a day on the trails. If you’re just a bit peckish, their Loaded & Cheesy selection like the Loaded Pizza Fries or the Mr. Uppal’s Popcorn Chicken is a star on its own!

4. Lil Something Cafe

If you explored the thrills at Craters, enjoy the relaxing Rotary Ride. Located at the Otumuheke Stream off the Huka Trails, take a needed break to cool down with their delicious smoothies and an ice cream treat.

As promised, there are heaps of options for post-ride feeds. If you’re riding other trails in the region, be sure to check these other biker spots to fuel your ride.

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