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A love letter to Taupo

A love letter to Taupo ❤️

Dear Taupo,

As Aotearoa once again faces times of uncertainty and people unable to travel far, it feels like exploring is off the cards. But it doesn’t have to be.

Taupo, your backyard is full of wonderful, off the beaten track experiences – places where you can gather mental strength, feel the healing effects of being in nature, maintain safe social distance, and keep active.

Untouched forests and swamplands, impressive geothermal wonderlands, and breathtaking volcanoes are all crisscrossed with walking, hiking and biking tracks.

Isolated lake and riverside beaches, ancient forests alive with birdsong, and beautiful rivers. It’s all here on your doorstep.

Stay out of the backcountry and avoid challenging day trips or overnight stays, but instead, choose a quiet location close to home and keep a safe distance from others. 

Please look after each other and ensure public health comes first. Wash your hands, maintain safe distance and show love and support to those around you. Focus on nourishment for the mind, body and soul and support your own health and those around you.

Support local in everything you do. They need your help. Not just now, but long into the future. Whatever that looks like, find a way to #lovetaupo.

Let’s band together and show why we love this place. Share what you love about living local, share ideas about what locals can do to support local, and share inspiration to lift our spirits through this challenging time.

We’re all in this together.

Love from the Love Taupo team x


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