Aquaponic Workshop

This Aquaponic workshop is perfect for beginners looking to gain a solid foundation in Aquaponics, as well as experienced Aquaponics enthusiasts seeking to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills. Don't miss this opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals and discover so much!

Aquaponics is an innovative food production method in which fish and vegetable farming are integrated into one closed agricultural system. In aquaponics systems, plants receive nutrients that are added by the water through the cultivation of fish. After the nutrients are utilised by the vegetables, the water recirculates to the fish tank, making this system a highly efficient water saving farming method that can be utilized in any environment. Through experiences in past projects we have kept improving our designs to optimise production.

Testimonial - "Friendly, well-structured presentation with great educational materials provided and hands-on interaction throughout the day, leaving our group truly inspired about Aquaponics. An accessible solution, harmonising with Nature, to so many of the global food production issues, that anyone can do in their own backyard - as Nick so beautifully demonstrated with his home set-up. Many thanks." Kerry& MIke E.

  • Sat 15 Jun, 10:30am - 2:30pm
Ticket information:
Workshop Admission: $215.00
Tongariro National Trout Centre
All Ages
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