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Taupo's Giant Bike


This giant bike stands proudly at the gateway to Taupo.

This giant bike stands proudly at the gateway to Taupo, ensuring all new visitors to the region understand that they are entering a biking mecca.

When non-cyclists are asked what the significance of the Giant Bike meant to them, they quickly state, "there are lots of cyclists on the Taupo roads, and we should watch out for them while driving". Taupo is well established as an international and domestic cycling destination, with an estimated 100,000 cyclists riding the region annually. It now boasts more than 150km of mountain bike singletrack, with the Ironman, Half Ironman, numerous triathlons and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge attracting all-year-round cyclists.

Produced by artist Marcel Zwezerijnen in 2012, the Giant Bike stands 3 meters tall and weighs 300 kilograms. The eye-catching polka dots represent the king of the hill winner of the Tour De France.

Physical address:
19 Luberon Way
Taupo Town
New Zealand