New Zealand River Jet

At New Zealand Riverjet we specialise in the ultimate jet boating experience. We don’t want to take you for a quick spin, we want to show you a unique glimpse into New Zealand’s history and scenery.

Our jet boat packages have been specifically designed to give you the best experience for your money. New Zealand Jet Boating simply doesn't get better!

Most of our jet boating rides are over an hour in length. Take in the magnificent scenery, all while throwing an exciting thrill ride your way.

Scenic Blast

Set off with a scenic jet boat ride in a sleek black boat on the magnificent Waikato River. On return our jet boat driver will put pedal to the metal and taking you for an exhilarating thrill ride home! This includes the famous Hamilton spins! So hold on tight and get ready for some real fun!

See birds, pine forests, farmlands, native bush, the 50 metre high Tutukau Gorge, steaming volcanic river banks, trout feeding areas.

During several stops along the way our drivers explain about the rich history of the area and its unique wildlife.

Thermal Safari

Enjoy the scenic blast trip then enter into the mystical world of Orakei Korako - New Zealand’s largest geyser field and one of the countries must see natural wonders. There are a vast number of mud pools and hot springs on display, all set amongst native bush walks alongside the stunning Waikato River.

The Squeeze

Enjoy the scenic blast trip then disembark into knee deep warm water and head towards a narrow gap in the cliff face to start The Squeeze. Manoeuvre through narrow crevasses, climb boulders, and wade through warm water and emerge in native bush. Take in the environment and soak up the atmosphere while relaxing in the thermal waters of a naturally heated bathing pool. This adventure will challenge, excite and create fantastic, everlasting memories.


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$99 - $645 (Adult)
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