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Le Currents

Le Currents 2021 is coming back with a star-spangled lineup. We’ve added a third stage and all the hottest indie and house acts will be playing this year!

Featuring... Lime Cordiale Leisure Middle Kids Flamingo Pier (dj Set) Shag Rock Daffodils Molly Payton Frank Booker the Butlers Bon Tempo Daily J Kedu Carlo Jack Berry Sammy Teto Nic and Reuben Mini Simmons Dolphin Friendly Park Road Brydie Tong Lilly Carron Juno Is Techno Tradie Alba Rose Todd Doyle Alex Likes Boys.

See you at Le Currents 2021.

  • Mon 27 Dec, 1:00pm
Ticket information:
Riverside Park & Unison Amphitheatre
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