Printmaker Maggie Dawson, and Potter Marita Green are sharing Taupo Museum’s main gallery space with their exhibition Progression. Maggie is a Taupo local, and many people will know her sensitive images reflecting birds, flowers and the geographical landscape. Maggie explores her experience of A Really Long (birthday) Lunch – a pivotal life event – with a handmade book. Its images compliment the wholefood recipes (also her own creations), and each page is hand-printed and then bound. Maggie deftly takes the joy of celebration, food and friendship and embodies it in the pages of the Art Book. Elsewhere you’ll find her social commentary on Kauri dieback sitting alongside her often humorous observations of garden-life. She uses bright bursts of colour to punctuate and enliven. Marita is also a local, of sorts; born and raised in Taupo, but now living in New Plymouth. Since her last, sculptural, exhibition at the Museum five years ago, she has focussed on functional pottery – learning the craft of wheel-throwing to make cups, bowls and plates. In this body of work you’ll see the progression of artistic ideas as well as ceramic techniques. Marita lays out some of the potter’s artistic process starting with the germ of a simple form, through to the complex integration of surface and purpose. Marita describes her work as contemporary, and uses colour and illustration to tell her story, exploring consumerism, colonialism, and spirituality. Both artists come from a science background and have for a long time admired each other’s work. Taupo Museum is open 7 days from 10am to 4.30pm and is free to Taupo district ratepayers and all children. Students and Seniors $3, Adults $5.

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